Drive Awareness

Partner with early adopters to spread word about your product seamlessly with the free transfer & exchange of NFTs

Drive Adoption

Attract more users to your product with early product access NFTs, promo NFTs, & more

Increase Retention

Reward users for their loyalty or community contributions through community badges, discount NFTs, & more


Issue, monitor, and manage NFTs with an easy-to-use platform


Distribute and consume NFTs with the help of a well documented SDK and API suite


Easy integration with existing marketing tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, and more to create a seamless marketer experience


Accelerate integration of Sesame into your website and application through our marketplace of integrations with popular website builders like Webflow or app builders like Bubble and Xano.

Use Cases

Early Product Access Product access Promotions
Loyalty badges Community badges
And more ...

Case Study: Early Product Access

A product launch that utilizes the waitlist strategy or a controlled rollout can issue NFTs against signups which can later be consumed for access to product upon launch or availability. The NFT can be traded to other users and product access is given as long as the correct NFT is presented.

  1. Mint

    Mint collection of NFTs for your marketing campaign

  2. Integrate

    Integrate the NFTs into your landing page with our APIs

  3. Award

    Assign NFTs to users when they sign up for your waitlist

  4. Trade

    Users keep the NFT on Sesame or trade it with others

  5. Access

    Allow NFT holders to access your product at time of launch

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