Unrequited Fan Love

Abhishek Gutgutia
August 6, 2022

Savvy brand managers know that superfans are essential to the success of any brand. These people are the ones who wait eagerly to be first in line for new product drops, share photos or videos of their latest buys, and gush to friends and family any chance they get.

But often, this love is sadly one-sided. 

These fans buy products regularly and love to share their experiences, but they rarely have opportunities to interact directly with the brands they love most. 

You might be surprised to learn how much these superfans really want to interact with your brand, and a little bit of appreciation can go a very long way with this passionate group! 

Your Superfans Love You - They Want To Connect With You

Take Darlene, for example. Darlene loves Disney. Like, really loves Disney. She spends all her spare money on Disney-related experiences, including merchandise, travel to theme parks, and cruises, and proclaims it's not just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. 

But even with her dedication to Disney (she once pulled an all-nighter just to watch a video of their newest cruise ship!), she feels it's hard to find a sense of community with people who really “get” her. 

“My neighbor and I travel together to Disney events, but other people in my family just shake their heads,” she shared. 

What Darlene would really love is a place where she can chat with like-minded people who share her passion, which also provides opportunities to receive exclusive content and perks straight from Disney as a reward for her loyalty. 

Every brand has fans like Darlene, who follow the brand’s every move and yearn to interact in ways that go beyond the initial purchase. If these relationships are leveraged correctly, they can be an essential component of a brand’s growth and success. 

So, how do you actually connect with these folks and help them connect with each other? 

Sesame3 is the first dedicated consumer engagement platform created to do just that. With Sesame3, you can leverage our suite of NFT-powered tools to show fans the love. 

The platform allows brands to gather their biggest fans in one central location with a branded portal, where they can distribute exclusive NFTs to unlock access to various features, including community message boards, polling features, and contests or loyalty programs that provide opportunities to earn perks, swag, or invites to exclusive experiences. 

The brand portal is an intuitive, purpose-built space to interact directly with supporters and reward loyalty while gathering valuable audience data. With built-in analytics features, it’s easy to track the impact of promotions and engagement in real-time. 

Create a Space for Connection and Collaboration

Let’s take a look at another superfan: Billy. 

When Billy finds a brand he believes in; he goes all in. He’s a big fan of The Coldest water bottles and Hoka shoes – two products that are very practical for his daily life and provide solutions for real problems he has. 

Billy says he’s someone who naturally wants to spread the word when he finds something that works well for him. He frequently browses Instagram and TikTok and loves to learn from other fans who use the products in unique, creative ways that he wouldn’t necessarily consider. 

However, he finds that those platforms are missing the interactive group aspect of a platform like Facebook; though, in his view, Facebook has become a place for people to complain. Logging in there isn’t exactly his idea of a great way to find a community. 

He also has another struggle many people share – an overloaded inbox. As a busy father of two and a full-time businessman, he doesn’t have much time to spare, but he does take a moment to intentionally sift through his inbox to find the latest news or deals when he’s ready to make a purchase. 

Billy said that if he had one place he could go to get updates from all of his favorite brands and exchange notes with other aficionados without having to check various social media and email accounts, it would be a game-changer for his experience as a consumer. 

But currently, no apps or platforms truly exist for this purpose. At its core, Instagram is a photosharing app. TikTok is all about quick-hit videos, and it’s even finding a niche as a quasi-search engine, but it doesn’t function well for meaningful interactions. Facebook is meant to be personal, a place to stay up to date with family and friends.

On these platforms, brand interactions often feel contrived or out of place. Consumers can spot an ad from miles away, and posts tend to attract just as many “haters” as fans, which can provide a negative atmosphere for those who come to a brand’s page to share their enthusiasm. 

On Sesame3, the fans come to you. 

They’re hungry for a place to connect, share feedback, and get access to content and rewards they can’t find anywhere else. So when a brand creates its exclusive brand hub on Sesame3, it facilitates a welcoming place to connect with this passionate audience and nurture strong relationships, both with the brand and among the community members. 

Provide Loyalty Rewards That Go Beyond Basic  

Fans clearly have a desire for a place to share their passion and chat with others. But we think there’s a big opportunity to go beyond simply providing a place to share their love for the brand via photos or social media comments. Instead, brands can use our platform to connect with their audiences in deeper, more meaningful ways, providing real value on both sides. 

For example, picture a luxury car company. Imagine that when a consumer purchases a new car, they receive an NFT with an illustration that looks just like their vehicle – but that’s not all. 

They can then use that NFT to unlock access to the brand hub with fellow car owners, where they can share ideas and recommendations, earn swag, have first access to exciting product announcements, or even receive invites to events like meet-ups with brand reps or track days. 

Fans can also trade NFTs across the platform, allowing them to create a collection that accurately represents their interests and gets them access to the experiences and brands they care about most.  

With superfans, brands already have an eager audience, and providing access to unique, memorable opportunities like this goes a long way toward creating advocates for life. 

Brands Gain Access to Valuable Insights and Data

While rewarding fan loyalty is a key component of Sesame3, cultivating these strong relationships can also allow brands to tap into crucial data that can shape the direction of products and provide invaluable insights for brand marketing teams. 

Brands often spend thousands putting together focus groups to develop new products or improve existing offerings, but these focus groups aren’t always reliable in getting the brand in front of the right people to provide valuable feedback. Instead, brands can use Sesame3 to ask their most passionate supporters for feedback directly within the platform by using the polling features or initiating specific discussion topics on the built-in message board. Getting the information right from the source can prevent product missteps and ensure market fit and demand. 

The trackable nature of NFTs also provides a great way for brands to identify and keep tabs on their biggest fans. For example, if someone wins or earns an NFT for a brand they aren’t as passionate about, the easy-to-use platform also allows them to trade the NFT to other users – even across brands – ensuring that the NFTs naturally end up in the hands of the most enthusiastic supporters, who actively seek out these opportunities to interact with their favorite brands.  

Tap Into This Technology With Sesame3

No longer will your fans feel the pain of unrequited love. With our robust suite of tools at your disposal, Sesame3 helps brands harness the power of NFT technology to reward loyalty, gather insightful data, and build a strong community of superfans. 

Email us at hello@sesame3.com to learn more about how the Sesame3 platform can help your brand tap into the growing world of web3 to reimagine the relationship between you and your fans. 

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