Introducing Sesame3: The First Web3 Consumer Relationship Platform for Brands

Abhishek Gutgutia
July 25, 2022

This week, we’re pleased to announce the launch of Sesame3, the first Web3 consumer relationship management platform designed to create and strengthen direct relationships between brands and their biggest fans. 

With Sesame3, we’re throwing open the doors to the world of Web3 to help brands leverage NFT technology to build strong, authentic relationships that drive brand loyalty and create a real community of passionate supporters. 

Our platform is a one-stop shop with all the tools brands need to gain insights directly from consumers while rewarding their loyalty with exciting experiences and content tailored just for them. 

Read on to learn more about our vision and whether it’s right for your brand.  

The Sesame3 Vision 

Every brand has super fans. Fans who will only buy your products. Fans who spread the word to their friends and family and excitedly post on social media when they buy a new product they love. They’re the lifeblood of your brand. 

Do you find yourself wishing that you had a way to tap into the minds of these enthusiastic customers – to understand what drives their purchases and what makes them return? 

We surveyed a selection of these fans, and time and time again, they shared that when they find something they really love or that solves a big problem they’ve had, they can’t help but want to spread the word and connect with like-minded people. 

However, these super fans have surprisingly few ways of connecting with other fans or brands themselves. For example, they might get a comment from a brand on a social media post, but that’s typically the extent of the relationship. 

Instead, what if you had a way to foster deeper connections and capitalize on this excitement and momentum within your audience? 

Fans nowadays want to feel heard. They want to connect with you and share their knowledge and enthusiasm with other super fans. They want to provide feedback on the products. They want to feel like they have an inside track for their favorite brands. 

Give them an opportunity to co-create with you or feel like they have a seat at the table, and you’ll have a loyal customer for life. 

Our vision is to provide not just a way, but a place for you to build these collaborative relationships using the latest NFT technology. 

Building a Community

Every brand wants to identify these top promoters, and it makes sense to reward them. We see this attempted every day in the giveaways and contests that are mainstays in the realm of audience engagement. 

But existing platforms or solutions don’t lend themselves to facilitating these interactions in a meaningful way. You can run a contest or give out swag items, and if you’re lucky, the winner will tag a photo with your hashtags on social media, but the interaction typically ends right there. 

You are renting your audience’s attention temporarily – but not owning the relationship. 

Instead, Sesame3 reframes these interactions as an ongoing conversation that continues to build and reward loyalty. We’re dedicated to finding innovative ways for brands and fans to engage in ways that are borne out of love for the brand, its mission, and the category. 

We do this by providing value for both sides. When they participate in interactions on the Sesame3 platform, your fans can receive NFTs that grant them access to exclusive experiences that align with their interests, such as secret content, invitations to fan-only events or sneak peeks at product releases, and you get feedback and data directly from your most passionate supporters that helps shape the direction of your products. 

But how do you actually facilitate these interactions and track their efficacy? We’re so glad you asked. Enter Sesame3’s full suite of tools.  

Sesame3 Product Roadmap

Our platform is multi-faceted, offering several key components that brands can utilize to nurture relationships: 

Customizable Brand Stations hosts Web3 experiences for innovative brands, so your fans will come to Sesame3 expecting to find and engage with you here. Make a powerful first impression with a fully customized brand station that houses ALL of your brand’s offerings in one place, allowing instant recognition and a cohesive user experience. 


NFTs are a core component of the Sesame3 platform – think of them as the “ticket to ride.” 

Our functionality allows you to easily create one-of-a-kind NFTs that can be sold or given away through sweepstakes, contests, or other means, managed directly on the platform. No knowledge of smart contracts required. 

Due to the highly customizable nature of NFTs, your fans will love receiving their own unique collectible. While the NFTs are a popular offering all on their own, we think the possibilities this technology opens up for future engagement are even more exciting. 

NFT-Gated Experiences

If NFTs themselves are the “ticket” to access interactions with your brand, the experiences are the main event. Once your fans hold an NFT from your brand, you can leverage it to provide access to a multitide of NFT-gated experiences that create excitement and drive organic interactions with your audience. 

Holding the NFT could allow your fans to receive custom rewards or swag, participate in a tiered loyalty program, get first access to new product drops or freebies, hear news and announcements before they hit the public, or get invites to exclusive events. 

Brand Tools 

Sesame3 offers a full suite of tools to help brands create and manage NFTs and leverage the technology to create experiences, offer exclusive content, and host activitations. The platform includes powerful analytics tools and integrations with existing marketing & analytics tools to give you real-time insights into the impact of your campaigns, and track engagement. 

APIs and Widgets

Brands can also integrate Sesame3 capabilities directly into their own websites utilizing our full suite of APIs and widgets.

Coming Soon!  

But wait, there’s more – our team is hard at work rolling out new features that will round out the fan experience and provide an all-in-one solution to facilitate interactions with your brand. 

NFT-Gated Communities 

Use Sesame3 to create exclusive gated communities that allow top fans to engage with representatives from your brand directly. Use this space to ask for feedback on upcoming products or events, reward fans for submitting user-generated content, or even leverage the community to co-create a product with real-time participation. The sky is the limit when you gather your most engaged audience in a purpose-built space and let the creativity flow. 

NFT Marketplace

With the NFT marketplace, fans can buy, sell, and transfer NFTs directly on Sesame3 – no need to leave the platform to go to a trading site or worry about security concerns with linking a virtual wallet. 

Speaking of wallets, all transactions on Sesame3 take place using a credit card or bank transfer, so there’s no cryptocurrency involved at all. This removes one of the biggest barriers to entry for people wary or unfamiliar with crypto. 

The highly collectible aspect of NFTs also encourages fans to trade amongst each other to get the NFTs that best align with their personality and interests, ensuring that your NFTs end up in the hands of your brand’s most dedicated supporters.  

Our First Partner 

We’re thrilled to launch with Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea as our first brand partner. Twisted Tea will use the Sesame3 platform to kick off its foray into the world of NFTs with the Back Label NFT Drop contest

To participate, fans will submit their photos online. When the contest closes, one lucky fan will win an NFT that grants them the opportunity to have their photo featured on the back of millions of cans of Twisted Tea. 

That’s just the beginning, though. Once the first winner has redeemed their prize, they will be free to trade or sell the NFT to another fan who wants to win the opportunity to have their photo featured. Trading will take place on the Sesame3 platform.   

The person holding the NFT when the trading window closes will again win the opportunity to have their photo featured on millions of Twisted Tea cans. The cycle will repeat three times, allowing three of Twisted Tea’s most engaged clientele to participate in a highly rewarding experience.

By partnering with Sesame3, Twisted Tea will be able to track the engagement with fans in real-time, watching as the NFT is traded amongst the community. 

The Future of Sesame3

With exciting developments including the NFT Marketplace and gated communities rolling out just around the corner in Q3, there’s so much in store for the future of Sesame3. Our platform is poised to reshape the world of brand and consumer relationships, and you won’t want to miss out. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can leverage Sesame3 to engage your brand’s community, visit us at or reach out today at

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